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I am a proud wife and mother of three children, and have dedicated my life to spreading the message of hope.  I am a former educator, an author, a speaker, a Creator/Producer, a Faith-Based Certified Life Coach, and a certified member of the International Association of Therapists as a Certified Trauma Debriefing Specialist.  Trauma Debriefing allows me to teach my clients how to build resilience in the face of trauma. 


I attribute my desire to inspire and motivate others to God and believe that with God, all things are possible.  I have a strong desire to help people obtain freedom from their past hurts and regrets, believing with confidence that with Christ, they are unstoppable.  I am an advocate for forgiveness and a teacher of conquering fears and I am excited about every opportunity I have to spread the message of God's love, hope, joy, and peace. 

You will overcome!  You can and you will!

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